Welcome to CoPassion

Your faith-driven college and internship community.

Discover what God made you to do and actually do it.

God has lovingly created you with a world changing purpose.

Everything we do at CoPasssion is to help you...

  • Grow closer with God

  • Go deeper in your calling

  • Gain more confidence living out your faith

  • Get more out of your internship

How We Help You

CoPassion is a faith-driven network for all college students and recent  graduates.

You can discover, develop, and deepen your calling through:

  • Joining life-changing community

  • Finding meaningful internships

  • Enhancing current internships

  • Making helpful connections

  • Learning gainful skills

Why You Should Join Us

We bring together all the right people and opportunities so that students can make helpful connections, find meaningful internships and learn gainful skills.

We also enhance internships so you grow closer with God, go deeper in your calling, gain more confidence living out your faith, and intern more intentionally.

In CoPassion you can grow in Christian community through groups, courses, connectors, coaches, and more.

In order to join CoPassion without being a student you must qualify:

It's Free

Thank you for taking this important step to pursue your unique purpose in calling in Christ or to help someone else to do the same.

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