Welcome to CoPassion

Discover what God made you to do and actually do it.

Discover what God made you to do and actually do it.

God has lovingly created you with a world changing purpose.

Everything we do at CoPasssion is to help you...

  • Grow closer with God

  • Go deeper in your calling

  • Gain more confidence living out your faith

How We Help You

We help you become the most authentic version of yourself in Jesus Christ in order to honor God and love others with your life.

You can discover, develop, and discern your calling through:

  • Life-changing community

  • Biblical content and spiritual growth

  • Caring and certified coaches

Why You Should Join Us

Most college students and young adults are disillusioned about the future.

You are probably one of them. You are not alone! In fact, most young adults want to know why God uniquely made them and how to make a difference with their lives. 

We bring together all the best content, community, and coaches so that you discover what God made you to do and actually do it.


8 Steps of calling clarity delivered over 9 life-changing sessions.


Experience genuine Christian community designed to help you grow spiritually and personally.


Certified coaches help you dive into your story, passions, and abilities so that you can step into your calling with confidence.

It's Free

Thank you for exploring our community to learn more about pursuing your unique purpose in Christ and helping someone else do the same.